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Rotating and resizing elements on a desktop
Rotating and resizing elements on a desktop

The wonderful organic nature of ideaflip. Moooo!

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One of the core principles of Ideaflip is the organic nature of the board. In geeky terms, we wanted to offer a 'non rectilinear experience' for developing concepts freely. 

We know how important it is when you are brainstorming to be able to place notes 'just so' in relation to other objects, as you are explaining so much more than just 'these ideas are related'. In addition, you've probably also noticed when someone types up the ideas from an in-person session, they somehow lose their magic (and context). 

So in order to bring emotion, feeling and visual representation to a board, we developed the use of the shift key when flipping on a desktop.

Initially it feels quite unnatural for some - but don't be alarmed, you'll soon get used to it, and probably find you try and shift-drag elements outside of Ideaflip, and get frustrated when they don't behave as you expect they should!  

It's a skill worth practicing on a board on your own, and if you're working with others for the first time, you definitely need to get them to try it too. 

So, don't delay - open up a board and have a go today! 

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