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Working with others pt. 1
Working with others pt. 1

How to invite, set permissions, and keep your board live.

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Sending Invites

You can send invites in three ways - from the side menu, from the little 'plus' icon next to the line of avatars on the top right, or in the dashboard page. 

Link URL’s

Each board has 4 URL’s - an Owner, Editor, Contributor or Viewer. You can either use the Ideaflip email system or copy the particular URL and post it in an email or on your social network/intranet. Anyone clicking on that link will be given those access rights.

Permission Types

Users are either Owners, Editor, Contributor or Viewer. 

 - Owners have full rights,
 - Editors can add and delete notes, groups, anything, but they cannot lock things.
 - Contributors can modify their own things
 - Viewers can only voyeuristically lurk about. You can down/upgrade users using the permissions table under the sidebar menu.

Board Licence

Every board must have at least one subscribing Owner in order for it to be live. If your subscription is running out and you don't want to renew, you can transfer the board to an active subscriber and it will remain live. 

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