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The Ideaflip how to guide. Start here.
The Ideaflip how to guide. Start here.

Help with moving around the canvas

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Ideaflip has been streamlined to let you and your team get your ideas down as quickly as you can think them up. We’re not into offering you lots of wireframing, design tools, or other clutter - there are other programs for that. No, we are about letting your ideas flow.

Ideas are transient, disposable, replaceable, just like an Ideaflip board. Ideaflip lets you knock the ideas about with your team like a virtual keepy-uppy, hacky sack. 

This guide shows you all of the nifty features to make your online sessions fly.

Moving around and zooming in and out
If you want to scroll around, just drag using your mouse or finger on the canvas. To zoom in and out, use your mouse wheel if you have one, or ctrl-drag on the canvas.

Overview Window

In the bottom left is an overview window for seeing where you are. If you get lost, double click it and it’ll reset your view. Keep double clicking and it will cycle through groups you’ve set up on the page.


Sneakily hidden on the left in the Ideaflip logo is the sidebar menu.

Contact Us!

You can talk to the Ideaflip team directly by clicking on the logo in the bottom right. We love feedback of every kind!

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