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Custom Templates: Repeating Groups
Custom Templates: Repeating Groups

Managing Columns and Rows in your Template

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Repeating Groups can be added to the Board with the yellow ‘construction tags’ for COL1 and ROW1. When a new template is created in the naming dialogue panel there will be an option to set the number of rows and columns if these tags have been used. Therefore you can create the first column and row on your master template and Ideaflip will duplicate these when a new template is created based on the numbers input.

Create Repeating Groups that will render user-specified grids in the Template

Above. On the left, you can see the Template in edit mode with the first Column and Row drawn. On the right, you can see the Template in preview mode with Columns and Rows repeated by the number set in the Preview dialogue, in this case, 3 Columns and 3 Rows.

Creating Repeating Groups

After you have changed your Board into a Template (see Custom Templates: Overview) drag or click the ROW1 and COL1 groups from the Stationery Draw. Resize the Groups to suit your needs, remember to keep the ‘Yellow Constructor Tags’ on or touching each Group.

There are two basic shapes that work well for Repeating Groups. These are shown below, the Top-Left-Title style and the All-Round-Title style.

These are two basic styles that create uniform repeating patterns.

Feel free to experiment with other types of design, you may find some odd and strange results when you preview them repeating. Through trial and error, you may come up with other useful designs.

Pro Tip. When resizing Groups with the grey resize handles, if you want two Groups to position exactly in alignment, hold down a modifier key (SHIFT or ALT or CLT) when close to the position and Ideaflip will snap them together automatically.

Repeating Titles

The Column and Row Titles will repeat in a numbered sequence. For example, if you are planning a conference you may have Columns that represent Streams and Rows that represent Days. If set to 3 repeats for both the Template will have 3 Streams across the top and 3 Days running down.

A new Board based on your Custom Template

Across the top are Stream 1, 2 and 3 and down the left are Days 1, 2 and 3 these were automatically created by Ideaflip based on your Repeating Group design.

Customise Column and Row Prompts

In the Template settings panel, you can change the prompts used for repeating Rows and Columns. For example rather than asking how many Columns or Rows you could ask how many Streams and Days.

In the Template settings, you can give the Template a name and short description, this will appear in the Template dropdown menu. You can also decide to who to make the Template available.

  • Me (Private) - only you will see the Template option

  • Team - all of your team will see the Template option

  • Anyone (Public) - you, your team and any guests or drop-ins will see the Template option.

Template Settings change what the New Board panel looks like

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