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Drop-in access to Boards

Boards can be accessed publicly, anonymously and without sign up

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To access an Ideaflip board to view, edit or contribute its contents, users previously have had to create or sign in with an Ideaflip account for their email address.

A new feature available on the Professional and Enterprise plans now allows owners to enable Drop-in Access to specific boards.

Drop-in access does not require users to sign in with an email address and so makes it possible for boards to be accessed publicly and/or anonymously.

Drop-in Session

Users that paste a Drop-in link into their web browser will be taken straight to a view of the board, with no sign-in required.

If the user has been given an Edit or Contribute link they will see an additional pencil icon in the top-right of the screen.

Clicking on the pencil will start the Edit or Contribute session by asking the user for a Screen Name:

The user can accept the suggested, random, screen name to remain anonymous - or enter something more identifiable and Join the board as normal.

This will allow them temporary access (to this board only) that will last for as long as the Drop-in Session is active or they keep their browser open.

As a reminder, the difference between the Edit and Contribute role is that Contributors are unable to edit or delete other people’s notes. They may however move or copy notes that do not belong to them.

Note that it is also possible for users to sign in in the normal way if they prefer or have an Ideaflip account already.

Owner Controls

To use Drop-in Access, board owners have a new section on the Link tab of the board’s Invite & Permissions dialogue.

Once enabled, the Drop-in Access panel expands to show the following controls:

  • Drop-in Role - the role drop-down select box shows the highest level of access allowed for the drop-in user.

  • Drop-in Session Duration - if Edit or Contribute access is allowed, this is how long this access is allowed for. After this time these links will continue to work, but will only provide View access.

  • Drop-in Link - this is the link to send to the users you want to have access to the board.


  • Drop-in access can be combined with the other Facilitator Tools available to board Owners such as Lock Board / Ground Rules / Follow Me

  • Drop-in editors/contributors will need to refresh their browser after an hour to continue working on a board

  • The Reset Links feature can be used to disable access entirely

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