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What happens to my data after it is deleted?
What happens to my data after it is deleted?

How long your data remains in our system

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All data persists on Ideaflip unless you specifically delete this data yourself or request us to do so. This includes after a subscription expires.

When you delete a board or an account there is up to a 10-day window before the data is removed from our databases and filesystem but it may persist in our regular backups for up to 16 weeks, after which it is deleted permanently.

We host our service on AWS infrastructure in the US East (N. Virginia) region (all data on but some enterprise customers have dedicated single-tenant clusters and they can select a region of their choice.

If you are guest of a board created and owned by another user, you will need to request that they delete the board. We can only manually delete data with the consent of a board owner.

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