How do I start for FREE?

no-plan limitations and the 14-day trial

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Note. We are currently testing new trial and membership options therefore the information below may not be applicable. This page will be updated when testing is completed.

How do I start for free?

Just create an account on the sign-in page by entering your email address and desired password.  Once we've checked you're not a bot, you'll be all set!

No plan, no problem!

Every Ideaflip user whether they have a subscription plan or not is able to create 3 boards and invite 2 guests to contribute to those boards. If you want to create more boards or invite more guests then you will need to start a 14-day free trial.

The 14-day free trial

The free trial allows you to create unlimited boards and invite unlimited guests to collaborate on them. You can also use the facilitation tools.

Choose your subscription

At the end of your trial, you can choose to continue with a subscription [What's the difference between the Basic, Individual and Team plans?] or you will automatically return to a no-plan service.

What happens to my boards when my trial finishes and I don't subscribe to a plan?

When your trial finishes, your boards will remain editable and you will continue to be able to collaborate with your invited guests. However, if you have created more than 3 boards in your trial and invited more than 2 guests you will not be able to create more boards or invite more guests until you have deleted boards and guests back under the limit. With the no-plan service, you will not have access to the facilitation tools.

How do I get help or advice?

When you open your first board you will automatically be given a quick tour of the main features. You can play the tour again from the main menu top-left of your board by clicking on the Ideaflip logo and selecting 'How to Use'.

From your Dashboard, you can select the menu top-right and select 'Help Center' that will launch full of guides and FAQs (congratulations you are here)!

Click on our Customer Service bot floating on the bottom-right of your screen to search the Help Centre or ask our team a question.

You can email with your question.

Please Note. We are a very small team so expect a reply in about a day

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