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I have an Ideaflip link but it's not working
I have an Ideaflip link but it's not working

Solving problems with links

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You have been sent a link to join a board but it's not working or giving an error message.

There are probably two reasons this link is not working, in either case, you will need to contact the owner of the board to solve the situation.

The wrong type of link

Sometimes a Board owner will send out a copy of the boards URL from their Web Browser. For security reasons, this will not work. The Board owner needs to create a link from within the Invite Panel. Contact the owner and point them towards this help article [How do I collaborate with others?].

The Links got reset

Sometimes the Board owner resets the links because they made an error in the permissions or it when out to someone it shouldn't have. In this case, you will need to ask for a new link to access the Board.

Did you get a link and it took you to a Board but you can't edit anything?

All links have permissions embedded in them. If your Board owner did not give you enough permissions to make edits then you need to get them to change your permissions in the Board - this article should help them [How to reset links and change permissions]

Board owners can lock boards or parts or boards, check with them if this is what they have done - this article should help [Locking and unlocking your Board and it's contents]

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