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How do I collaborate with others?

Inviting and sharing your Board

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Ideaflip is all about collaboration. It's easy to share your board with others and work together

Inviting others to your board

To open the Invitation Panel ether;

Open the main menu by clicking the Ideaflip icon top-left of your screen and select Invite & Permissions, or click the '+' icon top-right of your screen (next to your user icon) 

You can invite your team or guests in two ways, via email or via a link.

Email Invitation
Enter your team/guest email, select a role from the dropdown and click invite.

Share Link
Click Share Link for Direct Access and select a role from the dropdown and click copy.


You need to choose a role for each team member/guest

to Own - Has full control of the board. There should only be one Owner and that should be the board creator unless you are transferring ownership to someone else.

to Edit - Can add/change/delete any items by any user but cannot delete the board or have access to any Owner functionality

to Contribute - Can add/change/delete any of their own stuff but not anything created by any other user

To View - Can only view the board and make no changes at all

Further Advice

A shared link has a set role, so if you share an edit link anyone who clicks on it will be granted an editor role.

You can tell if a team member has accepted an invitation because an extra icon with their name will appear next to yours in the top-right of your screen.

If you want to change your team members/guests roles after they have joined your board go to the Main Menu and select Invite & Permissions. As an Owner, you can then change each person's role.

Sent out a link in error or need to reset the invites? Go to the Invitation Window by clicking on the plus icon top-right and click Share Link for Direct Access. Towards the bottom-right of this window is a Reset button. This stops all current links from working and you can send out new links.

Has the wrong person already joined? Then go to the Main Menu and select Invite & Permissions and select Remove from the dropdown by their name and this deletes them from the board.

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