Help, I deleted something!

Can I go back to an old version?

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You can only undo one step via the standard keyboard shortcut CMD-Z or CTRL-Z
Note. If you have refreshed the browser/page this won't work.

Ideaflip saves items you have deleted in its Recycling Bin.

Bring back items you have deleted

Below the Stationery and Tools tabs on the right-hand side of your browser screen, you will see a trash can icon in a tab. In this Recycling Bin Tab will be a collection of items you have recently deleted. You can restore these items by dragging them back to the Board.

Look at an old version

Ideaflip automatically saves your work and remembers each version in the Version tab that is located on the right-hand side of your screen between the Recycling Bin (trash can icon) and the Tools tab.

Click on this tab and you will see a long list of old versions. If you hover the pointer over a listing it will give you the time and date of the save. Click on one of these listings and your board will return to this state in read-only mode. To go back to your current page click the return to editing link at the top of the screen.

Restore an old version

If you want to go back to a previous version and start working from there then you will need to follow the instructions above but rather than clicking return to editing at the top of the screen click copy.

You will be taken to the standard copy confirmation screen that you would see if you copy a Board [How do I copy a Board?]. Choose a new name for your Board and click the Copy Button. You can now start editing from this previous state in your new Board.

Note. As you work, move and change things Ideaflip automatically saves. Next to the user icons top-right there is a flipping grey square that represents the saves. If you notice that this is not happening, check your version history's latest entry date (by hovering over the entry). If it not showing a recent save time you might have a problem. We suggest you screen capture your work immediately just in case it is not saved. Refresh your page to continue working or contact us for support. 

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