How do I move around a Board?

Using the Zoom and Overview Map

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You are able to move around the Board using your input device (Mouse, TouchPad, Touch Screen etc) as you would any other Web Page. You can zoom in or out with a scroll wheel or with the 'pinch' finger gesture on touch screens.

Bottom-left of the Board are a few useful tools to help you navigate the Board;

Overview Map

This is open by default and gives you an overview of your entire Board. You can click and move on the map and this will move your Board around correspondingly. This is very useful if you have a lot of information on the Board and you wish to move from one section to another.

You can close and re-open the overview map by clicking on the map-scroll icon top-right of the overview map.

Zoom Controls

Below the map-scroll icon is plus and minus icons that when pressed zoom in and out of the Board. This will act in the same way as a scroll wheel.

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