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What's the difference between the Personal, Basic and Professional plans?
What's the difference between the Personal, Basic and Professional plans?

Choose your Ideaflip Plan

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Here are your options for using Ideaflip. The Personal plan is always free and you can try out all the other plans with a 14-day trial.

Personal Plan

The personal plan is designed for individuals who wish to work on their own or with one or two other people. You can create an unlimited amount of boards. The basic plan doesn't have facilitation tools (ground rules, follow me and the countdown timer) and has a limit of two guests per board. This plan is FREE forever.

Subscription for Individuals

Basic (solo)

Ideal for many creative and organising tasks and includes;

  • Unlimited boards

  • Share with up to 2 guests

  • Facilitator tools

  • Custom personal templates

Professional (solo)

Perfect for facilitators, educators and consultants and includes;

  • Unlimited boards

  • Unlimited guests and drop-in sessions

  • Facilitator tools

  • Custom public templates

Subscription for Teams (2 or more people)

Basic (team)

The Basic plan is ideal for teams who mostly work in-house, with each other.

This is a cost-effective option if you only need to create and share boards with your team. You still have the flexibility to invite up to 2 outside guests (non-team members) to each board.

However, if your team regularly works with lots of folks who are not in your team, then you may want to consider the Professional plan.

Professional (team)

The Professional plan is ideal for teams who regularly work with outside collaborators, such as consultancies working with clients or facilitators running online workshops.

You can share boards within your team, but also invite as many outside guests as you need to your boards.

The Professional plan is also ideal if you want to run drop-in sessions, with no need to create an account. These can be anonymous or embedded in other web pages.

Pay Monthly or Yearly

Pay monthly for flexibility or yearly for value. Our Yearly payments save you around 15%. Our recurring payments are handled by Recurly and will automatically renew monthly or yearly payments unless cancelled.

Minimum Contract and Cancellation

For monthly payments, you are committed to just one month and can cancel at any time and have access until your monthly renewal date. For yearly payments, you are committed to the year and can cancel at any time and have access until your yearly renewal date. After cancelling your subscription you still have access to your boards as a no-plan service. [Cancelling my subscription]

Upgrading and Downgrading

You may upgrade your plan at any time. You will need to contact customer support who will facilitate the upgrade and adjust your payments. You can downgrade your plan at the end of your renewal period, please contact support.

How to choose a Plan

Subscribers to a plan are able to create unlimited boards and use the facilitation tools. They can invite unlimited board guests for collaboration.

Every guest can create their own boards up to a limit of 3 boards. They can also invite 2 further guests to their own boards. If they want to create more boards themselves or invite more guests then they will need to start a 14-day trial and then subscribe to their own plan or be invited into a team plan.

When choosing a plan, ask yourself how many people you need to create boards and facilitate them. This will guide you towards either an individual plan or a team plan and how many licenses.

With team plans, you can continuously change who has the ability to create and facilitate boards by adding or removing people from the team.

If you want further advice do reach out to us via the chatbot or email.

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