How can I quickly add stuff?

Importing and Quick Entry Mode

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Have you got lots of stuff to add to a Board? Ideaflip has a couple of things that can help

Import data from your spreadsheet by saving your file as a CSV (Comma Separated Value). Simply list all your notes in a spreadsheet column and each row in your spreadsheet will be turned into a note.

Import your CSV file by either drag-and-drop to the Upload box in the Stationary draw or click on the Upload box to bring up your systems finder.

Quick Entry Mode

Open your new Board and just start typing. Type the name of your first note and hit return then type the second note and hit return and so on. On-screen you will see a list appearing for your note stack. Once you have finished, click Add to the right of the list and your stack of notes will be created.

Tip. You can choose the colour of your notes in Quick Entry Mode notes by clicking on the coloured square and selecting from the colour options pop-up.

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