How do I edit my Group?

How do I make the group title bigger?

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Editing your Group with the Edit Panel
Double-click or double-tap on the Group border or title and the Edit Panel will appear. 

In the Edit Panel you can:
Type the name of the Group
Change the color of the border from the color picker at the bottom left
Copy, Arrange, Delete or Lock the Group
Change all the Items in the Group
Add details such as notes or a URL

How do I make the group title bigger?
You can change the size and rotate the Group Title in the same way as you do with Notes. 

Hold down the SHIFT* key then click-and-drag with the mouse/trackpad to resize or rotate the title. On a tablet or touch interface, use the 'two-finger' pinch gesture to resize or rotate the title.

Tip. You can move the Group Title with a click-and-drag or touch-and-drag just like Notes.

* Rather than using the SHIFT key you can also use the ALT, CTRL or CMD keys. Using two modifier keys will snap the title to various standard angles and sizes.

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