How do I rotate a Note?

My notes are all wonky, can I make them straight?

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Rotating Notes

Hold down the SHIFT* key then click-and-drag with the mouse/trackpad to resize or rotate notes and other stationery. 

On a tablet or touch interface, use the 'two-finger' pinch gesture to resize or rotate notes.

Tip. The centre of rotation will always be the opposite corner of where you click the note. 

My notes are all wonky, can I make them straight?

Here at Ideaflip, we like to think of ourselves as being a bit more analogue and creative than most other software, but we understand that sometimes you need to tidy things up.  

To straighten up your notes
Hold down SHIFT* and ALT* together and then click-and-drag to straighten notes. (Please note this facility is not available via touch interface.)

If your notes are in a group, you can also double-click the group border or title to open the Edit Panel. Then select the Items tab at the top.  Here you can see options to arrange, straighten and reset sizes for all the notes in the group.

* you can use any combination of two of the SHIFT, ALT, CTRL or CMD keys.

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