How can I share my board with others?

Choose the Invite menu item or click on the little [ + ] to open the invite dialog.

This will allow you to invite other users to your board either by:

  • sending them an email via Ideaflip, or
  • giving you a link that you can send them (e.g. by direct message)

Do people I invite need to be Ideaflip subscribers?

No, as long as you are subscribed (or trialling Ideaflip) your guests don't have to pay for a plan to join you on your boards.

They will need to create an account however, Ideaflip does not support anonymous access.

What control do I have over what my guests can do?

When you invite users you specify what sort of role they will have on the board:

  • editor - can add, delete and change notes on the board
  • contributor - can add, but not delete notes
  • viewer - can see, but not change the board
  • owner - can lock parts of the board (must be a subscriber)

As the board creator and owner, you can see and change these role allocations at any time using the Permissions page.

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