How can I move or delete several notes at the same time?

Press and hold on the background of the board and drag out a group that surrounds the notes.  The notes will stick to the group, so you can drag them around together.

What else can I do with groups?

If you double tap to edit the group, you can give it a name.  This name will be associated with the notes on top of it, for example when exporting it as an Excel or CSV file.

You can use this to name clusters, or to create areas of the board when sorting or prioritising notes.

Help!  I accidentally moved a group?

You can use the local undo (CTRL-Z/cmd-Z) to put it back.  However, as a board owner you can lock a group which will stop it from being draggable and make it behave like the backdrop of the board.

Can I duplicate a board?

Yes, from the board menu or the dashboard, just select Copy and you can clone the board.  If the board has any groups you can select a subset of them if you don't want to copy the whole board.

Can I merge the content of several boards?

Yes!  Use the Copy board functionality and select an existing board as the destination.  The copied data will be added to the existing board rather than placed on a new board.

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