Do I need to download or install anything to use Ideaflip?

Other than a web browser (which we assume you already have, if you're reading this) you don't need to install anything else on your computer.  Ideaflip runs in your web browser like any other website.

Which web browsers do you support?

Ideaflip runs in most modern web browsers, such as Firefox and Google Chrome.  We also support Safari and Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.

Do you have an App?

No, Ideaflip is a 'web app' in that it uses the features of newer web browsers to run right here, in the page.  You don't need to install it from an App Store.

Can I use it offline?

Ideaflip is designed to work while you are connected to the internet (it is cloud-based software).  While it will handle lost connections fine it can't yet be used offline.

How do I save / know my work is safe?

Ideaflip saves all changes you make as you go along (so that you can work with the users of the board in realtime); there is no explicit 'save' menu item.

To give you confidence that it is doing this, there is a little grey animated square that will show while data is being sent to our servers.  When this disappears your changes have been saved.

You can also export your board as a PNG or PDF at any time if you want a local backup copy.

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