How do I resize a note?

Hold down the CTRL key and click and drag with the mouse to resize or rotate notes and other stationery on a board.  On a tablet or touch interface, use the pinch gesture.

My notes are all wonky, can I make them straight?

Here at Ideaflip we think of ourselves as being a bit more analog and creative than most other software, but we understand that sometimes you need to tidy things up.  Hold down SHIFT and CTRL together and then click and drag to straighten notes.

If your notes are in a group, you can also double click/tap and use the arrange tab to lay out multiple notes quickly.

Help!  I moved or deleted something I didn't mean to?

Ideaflip has a local one-step undo that you can use to recover from most mis-clicks.  Just use CTRL-Z (or cmd-Z on a Mac) to undo the last action.

If you've refreshed the page, or it's too late to use CTRL-Z, you can always use the History option from the menu to look back at your board, or even copy a previous version into a new board and start over.

How can I add a lot of notes quickly?

Make use of the 'quick entry' mode which you can access from the menu (or just start typing!) which will allow you to create a long list of notes that will be added in one go.

This will create a pile of notes without you having to drag and double click each time.  You can also paste plain text (e.g. from an email) into the quick entry mode and have it create notes automatically, one from each line.

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