Do users that I've invited to my boards need to subscribe?

No, guests to your boards do not need to pay for a plan.  Only the board owner needs to subscribe.

How do I start my free trial?

Just create an account on the sign in page by entering your email address and desired password.  Once we've checked you're not a bot, you'll be all set!

Which plan is the 14-day free trial most like?

The free trial is the same as the monthly or annual plan, there are no guest limits and you can use the facilitation tools.

What happens to my boards when my trial finishes?

When your trial finishes, your boards will just become read-only (i.e. not editable) until you subscribe to a plan.

What's the difference between the Basic plan and the Monthly or Annual plans?

The basic plan is designed for individuals and very small teams and so has a limit of two guests per-board.  The basic plan doesn't have facilitation tools (ground rules, follow me and the countdown timer) either.

What does an Enterprise plan offer?

All our Enterprise plans provide a manager dashboard which allows licences and boards to be managed in one place.

We also offer custom instances of Ideaflip for larger enterprises with many white-labelling, custom integrations and security options.  Just get in touch for details!

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