As well as all the stuff in the Stationery tab that we offer for you play with you can also add lots of your own stuff as well.

Adding images and files to your Board

In the Stationery tab scroll down using the up/down arrows or with your mouse/trackpad and you will see a box waiting for your uploads. You can simply drag-and-drop an image or document file into the box and Ideaflip will upload to your Board.

You can also click or touch the box and your systems finder/browser will pop up for you to locate images and files.

File types supported:

  • JPG and PNG images
  • PDF and CSV files
  • EXCEL files
  • Max upload size: 10MB

Add a Web Page screenshot

Below the media upload box in the Stationery tab is the Web Page snapshot area. Simply enter the Web Page URL in the box and wait for Ideaflip to collect a snapshot and put it on your Board.

Tip. Be patient! Uploading and capturing Web Pages can take a while depending on the size and type of document/Web Page and how busy the servers are.

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